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Ovulation Cramps

“Does ovulation cause cramps?”

This isn’t the first time we hear this, nor will it be the last. Yes, ovulation may cause cramps, but when they’re very severe and cause unbearable discomfort, then something more serious must be going on. Since most women experience different degrees of pain, it can be difficult to say for sure if it’s normal, and a visit to your ob-gyn will be the only sure way to identify a potential problem with your reproductive system.

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Cramps During Ovulation

Did you know that you have a 20 percent chance of getting pregnant if you engage in baby-making sex around the time you ovulate?

If you want to conceive, then you’ll certainly want to keep that in mind. The question is, how do you know when you’re ovulating, especially if your periods are irregular? Obviously, there are a couple of symptoms that can get you on the right track. Pay attention to them, and you’ll identify the prime moment for baby-making sex.

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Discharge During Ovulation

Have you ever woken up in the morning, gone to the bathroom, and noticed some whitish or yellowish spots on your underwear?

Chances are, you have. Vaginal discharge, known as cervical mucus, is a common occurring in most women. Intended to help flush out bacteria and keep your vagina as well as reproductive system healthy and viable, vaginal discharge keeps infections at bay and maintains your vagina’s acidic pH environment.

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Ovulation Discharge

Are you ovulating?

Although your fertile window starts a few days before you ovulate, you have the highest chances of conceiving around the middle of your menstrual cycle, when the egg is released by one of your ovaries. What this means is that, if you hop into bed within 24 hours after the egg has been released, you are very likely to get pregnant.

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