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What Does It Mean When I See Jelly Like Discharge Coming Out of Me?

Written by Elizabeth Buescher, Gynecologist

Why do we women get vaginal discharge?

Women get vaginal discharge as part of their normal reproductive cycle. Part of the normal menstrual cycle of a woman entails releasing different kinds of vaginal discharge. Varying in viscosity, odor and color, vaginal discharges can be thick and clear, white, or light brown, or light yellow. Before period, a woman could experience vaginal discharge that’s dark to light brown. During the actual menses, women get bloody red to dark pink discharge, and can eventually turn dark brown during the latter parts of the menstruation.

What Does It Mean When I See Jelly Like Discharge Coming Out of Me?

What Does It Mean When I See Jelly Like Discharge Coming Out of Me?

What drives the various changes in the female body are the hormones. The balancing act of estrogen and progesterone is what allows the female body to go through the different stages of the menstrual cycle. During the first part of the cycle, estrogen dominates the body, preparing the body towards more fertile days. During the latter part of the cycle, progesterone takes over. This is the hormone responsible for the onset of your period and the latter parts of the cycle. This is the reason why women who do not get regular periods are usually diagnosed with hormonal imbalance.

What are the Difference Kinds of Vaginal Discharge?

The different kinds of vaginal discharge are attributed to the production of mucous by the uterine cervix. This mucous is called the cervical mucous and its characterization is determined by which stage of the menstrual cycle a woman is in. Marking the beginning of the menstrual cycle would be a seemingly dry feeling. There is usually no discharge during the early stages of the cycle. There is not discharge coming out because of the thick mucous blocking the cervix. From there, the first sign of discharge could be a dense, almost clumpy-looking liquid. This marks the early set of the cycle, entering the most fertile days. As ovulation approaches, the vaginal discharge becomes thinner than the preceding days.

During ovulation, the discharge comes out as a thick, egg-white like that’s clear and “stretchy”. This egg-white consistency marks the fertile days of the women’s menstrual cycle. It is said that this part of the cycle is ideal for conception, as this kind of vaginal conditions is ideal for the sperm to make its way to the unfertilized egg. This kind of thin jelly discharge indicates ovulation. If you want to get pregnant, this is the kind of discharge that you should note. This kind of discharge is usually odorless and clear.

After ovulation, the mucous again changes in consistency. This time, it looks something like a light cream. This marks the end of the ovulating period as this kind of mucous is unfavorable for sperm motility. As the days nearing the period draws close, the mucous thickens and slowly changes its color from the usual clear and yellowish to dark brown, until blood is finally released.

Is It Still Normal If the Jelly Like Discharge Has a Certain Smell?

Is It Still Normal If the Jelly Like Discharge Has a Certain Smell?

Is It Still Normal If the Jelly Like Discharge Has a Certain Smell?

To check if the discharge is normal, you need to check the kind of smell that comes with your discharge. If the discharge smells something like cottage cheese and has the consistency of one, it best to schedule a visit to your doctor. You might have to check if you are positive for yeast infection. Although this kind of infection is common, and usually should not worry you, it can be very uncomfortable as it can be accompanied by itchiness and irritation of the vulva. Yeast infection can be triggered by stress, the use of birth control pill, diabetes, or pregnancy. You can also get it if you used antibiotics, as the medication may have upset the balance of good bacteria and yeast in your vagina. When this happens, it is best to ask your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

If the discharge has a fishy smell, this might be bacterial vaginosis. This is also another common kind of infection in women. This is usually caused when the balance of the normal flora and fauna in the vagina is upset by either stress, hormonal imbalance, or exposure to bacteria. Some other symptoms would be vaginal discharge that has a strong smell, often fishy. When you are experiencing these symptoms, best visit your doctor so you can be given proper treatment and prescription.

What Causes Jelly Like Discharge?

If you are susceptible to hormonal changes, you might be more prone to get jelly like discharge because the mucous being secreted by your body is a product of the natural hormonal changes in the body. So if your hormones are imbalanced, then you will most likely secrete jelly like discharge that deviates from the normal kind. Some of the symptoms of abnormal secretion may be as follows:

If there is too much discharge than normal, you should best have it checked. Especially if the you noticed that there is a foul smell that accompanies it. Changes in color are also something that you should take note of. White, clear, yellow, light yellow, and light brown are normal discharge colors, especially before period. But if you get green or greyish discharge, it is best to have it checked. If your discharge is accompanied by pain, or intense itchiness, it is also best to have it checked.

Getting jelly like discharge can also be a sign of pregnancy. During implantation period, the fertilized egg can attach itself to the uterine lining and cause implantation bleeding, and in some cases increased vaginal discharge. The best way to track if you are pregnant would still be to have yourself tested though.

What Is This Clear Jelly Like Discharge That I Get During Early Pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is normal to get a milky discharge that is odorless. There is also no need to be overly alarmed if there is an increase in the discharge. This may be due to the increase in the production of estrogen in your body, which is normal during the early stages of pregnancy. But as you near your delivery date, the secretions may also increase.

What are the Symptoms I Should Note When I am Pregnant That Would Mean I Should See My Doctor?

If you are pregnant, these are some of the symptoms you should note. If you experience these, it might mean it’s time to go to see your doctor, just make sure everything is okay.

If you have increased discomfort that comes with your discharge, you might have yeast infection. This may come in the form of itchiness or burning sensation in your vulva. While yeast infection is normal, it is best to have yourself checked especially since you are pregnant. Yeast infection might be a symptom of something else, such as gestational diabetes, which is something pregnant women are more susceptible to. To rule this out, it is best to see your doctor.

If you get pink discharge, go to see your doctor right away. Especially if you are in your first trimester or early into your first month of pregnancy, it is important to note this kind of discharge. As soon as you notice it, have yourself checked right away as it may be a sign of early labor.

If you have a greyish discharge that smells like fish, especially when it is mixed with semen after sexual intercourse, then you might have bacterial vaginosis. This is caused by the imbalance of bacterial in your vagina. It is important to have yourself checked for this because there are studies that show increased risk for preterm labor in women who get bacterial vaginosis while they are pregnant. So to be safe, see your doctor right away.

If you get yellow or green discharge, this might be a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases. To rule this out, you have to have yourself tested.

Pregnant women are not advised to self-medicate. There are over the counter drugs that may not be safely taken by pregnant women as well. This is why it is best to see the doctor just to be sure the treatment that will be given is safe for your pregnancy.

What Can I Do About Vaginal Discharges That I Get?

Depending on what causes them, you can do several things. If you have them because of the infection, best get it treated so you can rid yourself of the discomfort and have peace of mind. If you don’t have an infection, such as you’re pregnant and is having a lot of normal discharge, you can just let the discharge flow and just put on extra padding. A good pantyliner can solve your problem.

If you have an unhealthy lifestyle, which makes you susceptible to various kinds of infections, then it would be best to reconsider some of your habits. For one, smokers are more prone to infections, especially to bacterial vaginosis. So it is good idea to quit smoking. A sedentary lifestyle can also cause you to have improper blood flow to your body, causing imbalance in your system, which can lead to abnormal vaginal discharge. A daily exercise routine can keep you balanced and healthy.