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Other Symptoms

Snot Like Discharge

It is certainly one of the signs, especially if it comes out in amounts greater than before.
However, the only way to be truly sure is through a pregnancy test.

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Jelly Like Discharge

Why do we women get vaginal discharge?

Women get vaginal discharge as part of their normal reproductive cycle. Part of the normal menstrual cycle of a woman entails releasing different kinds of vaginal discharge. Varying in viscosity, odor and color, vaginal discharges can be thick and clear, white, or light brown, or light yellow. Before period, a woman could experience vaginal discharge that’s dark to light brown. During the actual menses, women get bloody red to dark pink discharge, and can eventually turn dark brown during the latter parts of the menstruation.

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Early Period

Women usually have questions about the regularity of menstrual cycles. Is it normal to get your period a week earlier? How does one know that you actually have your period and not just spotting? What are the reasons behind irregular bleeding or getting your period on an earlier date?

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My Period Won’t Stop

We usually get questions about women health concerns, and one of the often-asked questions concern that of the length of menstrual flow and other symptoms that they experience during their period. It is normal for women to be ridden with questions concerning their reproductive health and the sensitive issue of menstrual health is something that indeed needs to be addressed.

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