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Other Symptoms

Excessive Discharge

For most women, excessive discharge is an embarrassing complaint that causes distress, discomfort and may lower self-esteem. But despite appearing out of the ordinary, having large amounts of discharge is normal at certain times in your menstrual cycle. There is up to 30 times more discharge when you’ve ovulating or pregnant due to stepped-up levels of estrogen.

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Heavy Discharge, a Reason of Concern

Heavy discharge is one of the most unpleasant things a woman can experience. Not only does it make both your intimate area and underwear smell quite bad, it can also make your vulva feel tacky, giving you an intense feeling of discomfort.

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Spotting after sex

While you are pregnant it is understandable that you are careful about what you do, what you eat, what you drink, and even what surrounds you. There are things that you used to enjoy, like drinking alcohol and smoking, that you had to forgo while you are pregnant.

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My Period Won’t Stop

We usually get questions about women health concerns, and one of the often-asked questions concern that of the length of menstrual flow and other symptoms that they experience during their period. It is normal for women to be ridden with questions concerning their reproductive health and the sensitive issue of menstrual health is something that indeed needs to be addressed.

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