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Light Period

I Have a Light Period. Am I Pregnant?

Having a light period might mean two things: your bleeding is very weak or your period lasts only one or two days. These conditions are not normal and they might be caused by many factors, including pregnancy.

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Pink to red blood during menstruation

The menstrual flow of women can be quite puzzling, with all the irregularities and inconsistencies across individuals. What may be true for one may not be true with the other? This is one of the reasons why the kind of menstruation experience of women may be laden with so many questions. Below are some of the commonly asked questions about getting your period. Check them out as you might share some of these queries, and we’d be glad to provide some answers for you.

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Light Brown Period

Your brown discharge before period usually is old blood from the uterus. This explains the color because the old blood gets brown. If you have a brown discharge, your period normally will start soon. If this does not happen soon, you might have a medical problem, so visit your doctor.

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Why Is My Period So Light?

If this month your bleeding is really weak or your period lasts only one or two days, this means that you are experiencing a light period. The cause might be either a pregnancy or a medical problem. Your period in these cases might be either early and light or late and light but both conditions require your attention and a visit to a gynecologist.

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