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Light Period

Why Is My Period So Light?

If this month your bleeding is really weak or your period lasts only one or two days, this means that you are experiencing a light period. The cause might be either a pregnancy or a medical problem. Your period in these cases might be either early and light or late and light but both conditions require your attention and a visit to a gynecologist.

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Light Periods

Menstruation is one of the hassles of being a woman. You could suffer from cramps that can become extremely painful. You tend to get really moody and irritable when it is near your period. Blood stains could ruin your favorite pair of pants. Flow could leak out of your pad at an inconvenient time. You could lose your tampon while it is inserted. You can’t swim without worrying about staining the water. You can’t have sex while you have it. (Well, you could, but it won’t be pretty.)

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Very Light Period

Period changes mean that something is happening in your body and you should pay attention. If my period is very light, I know that I must have an urgent visit to the doctor. This is usually not something normal, especially if the condition appears suddenly.

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Light spotting in between periods: Is it normal?

Light spotting in between periods – also known as Intermenstrual bleeding (IMB) – is not uncommon. Many women, if not all, experienced spotting at some point in their lives. It is light bleeding but must not be confused with a light period as spotting vs light period are different. Spotting has minimal bleeding and can be sporadic, normally lasting one to two days; while a light period, has more consistent bleeding that lasts three to five days.

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