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Why Is My Period So Light?

Written by Elizabeth Buescher, Gynecologist

If this month your bleeding is really weak or your period lasts only one or two days, this means that you are experiencing a light period. The cause might be either a pregnancy or a medical problem. Your period in these cases might be either early and light or late and light but both conditions require your attention and a visit to a gynecologist.

Pregnancy and Other Reasons


Why Is My Period So Light?

If your period suddenly becomes lighter than usual, you will probably ask yourself “Am I pregnant and am I healthy?”. You can buy and take a pregnancy test, but only the doctor could give you the answers for sure. The specialist will tell you what medical tests should be done and will prescribe you a therapy. Even if you make a pregnancy test at home, it is possible to receive a false result, so remember that the pregnancy test could not give you a 100 % guarantee whether you are pregnant.

Infertility Could Also Cause a Light Period

A medical condition, called hypomenorrhea can be the reason for having a really light period. If you notice that your menstruation appears rarely than once in 35 days, you might have an infertility problem. However, you should not get scared immediately because there are other possible explanations. Stress and various inflammations can also lead to a delay in your period. Visit a doctor because your condition must be treated as soon as possible in order to avoid serious health problems.

Other Health Problems Which Might Cause Light Period

Only a specialist can evaluate your condition but here are some more causes for having a light period:

  • Hormone imbalances
  • Endometritis
  • Blood problems
  • Inflammations
  • Thyroid disorders and others.

Hormone imbalances are quite common and may cause different symptoms including a light period. The following hormones are involved in the female period:

  • Estrogen
  • Progesterone
  • Luteinizing Hormone
  • Follicle-Stimulating Hormone

Your doctor will give you an advice what hormones you should test and what else should be done to improve your condition.
Any health problems that you might have need to be found and treated on time. Only a specialist could prescribe the right therapy for you, so do not waste your time and help your body get better.

Your Way of Living Can Affect Your Period

The reasons for you short and really light period might be actually hidden in the way you live. You need enough sleep, exercise, water and healthy food in order to have a normal period and if you ignore these needs, it might result in a light period and other health issues. Moreover, if you are constantly stressed, just like many people, your period might be affected. So, consult your doctor and pay attention to your way of living. Change it for the better or you might have very serious health problems.

Contraception Might Change Your Period

Both oral contraceptives and intrauterine devices (IUD) could affect the period characteristics – strength and duration. If your period has changed after starting a birth control therapy, consult a gynecologist whether you should alter your contraception method. Never change your therapy without consulting a doctor because this could have a serious negative impact on your health.

This might be an additional positive effect if your birth control therapy makes your period lighter but you need to make sure that there will be no negative effect on your health.

What Can you Do?

If your period gets light, ask your female family members whether this is a normal condition in your family. You might have a genetic predisposition to light periods. Even if you have, you still should consult your doctor whether this could cause medical problems.

If you are sexually active and there is no genetic predisposition to light periods you will probably want to take a pregnancy test. The period might become shorter or weaker while you are pregnant. Then, it will stop completely. Take the test but have in mind that it is not 100% sure, so it is advisable to consult a doctor. You could get both a positive and a negative test result, so nothing will be sure before you visit a gynecologist.

Improve Your Way of Living

If you are not pregnant and you are not in the teenage years when your period is sometimes so long and light, or in menopause, then the way you live might be the reason. Ensure that you have enough sleep, eat healthy food, do more exercise and avoid stress as much as you can. Your body will be grateful and maybe this will have a positive effect on your period. Remember that the female organism is really sensitive and our period reacts to various changes in and around you, so you need to find what causes your light period and take measures.