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Pink to Red Blood During Menstruation: Questions About Menstrual Discharge

Written by Elizabeth Buescher, Gynecologist

The menstrual flow of women can be quite puzzling, with all the irregularities and inconsistencies across individuals. What may be true for one may not be true with the other? This is one of the reasons why the kind of menstruation experience of women may be laden with so many questions. Below are some of the commonly asked questions about getting your period. Check them out as you might share some of these queries, and we’d be glad to provide some answers for you.

Is It Normal to Get Light Pink Period?

Is It Normal to Get Light Pink Period?

Is It Normal to Get Light Pink Period?

There are instances when you might get a light pink discharge during period, which is usually a sign of hormonal imbalance. The pink period can be a sign of low estrogen levels. The side effect of this hormonal imbalance can be mood changes, and even fatigue or frequent sense of exhaustion. The period can also come late, which is why it might be easy to mistake this as possible pregnancy. The best way is to be sure is to visit your doctor for proper diagnosis.

There are also instances when this kind of light pink period or discharge can be a sign of more serious health conditions such as cervical cancer. Since this is a serious disease, it not advisable to rely on self-evaluation. The best way to rule this out is to see the doctor.

Why Is My Period Light Pink?

There are various possible reasons why there would be changes in color in your period. There could be times when you would notice that your period is light pink, while there would days when there is dark blood with blood clots. The main reason is usually hormonal in nature. If you are taking birth control pills, then this can cause some changes in your estrogen and progesterone levels. The effect would be the changes in your menstruation flow color. The same reason can be responsible for changes in your usual symptoms before period comes, such as increase tenderness of your breasts, and possible appearance of pimples (which you otherwise do not normally get). These are hormonal in nature. For you to properly rule out other possible reasons, it is best to see you gynecologist so he or she can diagnose you accordingly.

What Does It Mean When Your Period Is Light Pink?

In some cases, light pink discharge would mean ovulation. Not common to most women is this type of bleeding called the ovulatory syndrome, wherein affected women might experience light bleeding, and some cramping between periods. This is followed by a light pink period-like discharge two weeks before the period is due.

There are also cases when the light pink period is a sign of implantation bleeding. So it is easy for women to mistake it as their period. If the bleeding progresses to full-blown red colored and heavy flow discharge, then the pink discharge may actually just have been the onset of your menstruation. But if the light pink blood stops after a day or two, then it’s best to have yourself checked.

Why Is My Period Blood Light Red?

Vaginal discharge that may come in the form of blood that is light red during or a few days before menstruation might be the body’s normal reaction to hormonal changes. The usual type of menstrual flow may be altered because of several factors that affect the hormonal balance of the female body. Some of these factors are as follows: firstly, is stress-induced hormonal imbalance. When the body is subjected to physical stress, such as fatigue and exhaustion, the hormonal balance may be upset. This can cause your body to release blood, causing what seems to be abnormal bleeding. This abnormal bleeding may substitute as your discharge instead of period that is regular in flow and timing. This light colored blood might actually not be your period, but a form of light bleeding due to the hormonal imbalance. This can last for a couple of days, without any noticeable change in the amount of blood coming out. It may just stay like a flow of droplets of blood that slightly resembles that of the bleeding you get a few days before you get your period.

Another possible reason for light red period blood that may come two weeks before period is due may be emotional stress or trauma. It has been observed that women who are subjected to emotional stress are more susceptible to irregular bleeding. This irregular bleeding may happen as late period or can even occur in between periods. Some women may mistake this as their actual menstruation, but would soon realize that they may have gotten no period at all. When this happens, their doctors tell some women that they have actually undergone a missed period, and instead they just had irregular bleeding because of hormonal changes that may be induced by stress.