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Brown Discharge

A variety of different medical conditions can cause a dark brown discharge from a woman’s vagina. While medical attention may be essential in certain cases, most of them are caused by normal body processes and are generally harmless. A light brown discharge often disappears within a few days on its own. [click to continue…]

brown discharge

Brown discharge from vagina may not necessarily pose any major health threat if the key cause of spotting between periods is related to implantation bleeding, ovulation, delayed period, menopausal spotting, hormonal changes etc. On the other hand, if one of the vital causes of spotting is indicative of cervical cancer, diabetes, dysfunctional endometrial elimination, serious viral or bacterial infections of the reproductive organ, STD etc, it is a serious matter that requires immediate medical intervention. [click to continue…]

Noticed brown discharge after period? It’s a fairly common occurrence! In fact, there is a good chance that a perfectly healthy woman also experiences this type of a discharge during, before, and/or after her period.

There are several causes for this variance: hormonal disbalance, ovulation or implantation and some other (read on). If the cause is serious, the secretion is usually accompanied by other symptoms.

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