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Menstrual cycle is a rather regular process, which is controlled by hormones. Each period has an anticipated date, on which it should start. Late period can be associated with intake of hormonal drugs or indicate either to pregnancy or perimenopause. If you are not pregnant, and all other physiological causes are excluded, then you should better consult a specialist in order to fit out other – pathological origins of the delay. [click to continue…]

Thick Yellow Discharge

Paying attention to your vaginal discharge is smart self-care. Normal discharge is described as white or clear, usually without odor, and with consistency depending mostly on the time in your menstrual cycle. Although the amount varies from woman to woman, a woman’s vagina usually produces 2-3 grams of discharge every day.

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Light Green Discharge

Vaginal infection, or vaginitis, is the most common cause of light green discharge. While yeast infection is the most common type of vaginal infection, affecting as much as 75% of women, there are other forms of vaginitis that can trigger abnormal discharge with odor. Most of the time, the infections are not life-threatening, but they should be addressed immediately to prevent complications.

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why discharge brown

Why is my discharge brown is a common query faced by millions of women worldwide. Often, the discharge color during spotting in between periods, ranges from red to dark brown. A pink blood discharge accompanying spotting in between menstruation, implies dilution. On the other hand, any bleeding in between your period that gives a bright red flow indicates that the blood is fresh and new. A key cause for the brown vaginal spotting between periods becoming evident, is time lag. Any abnormal changes that occur in terms of discharge color, amount, consistency, discomfort, presence of itching, rash, a burning sensation while urinating, presence of odor, heavy bleeding when it is not menstruation time, should be diagnosed by a qualified doctor. [click to continue…]