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Thick Yellow Discharge: Normal or Not?

Written by Elizabeth Buescher, Gynecologist

Paying attention to your vaginal discharge is smart self-care. Normal discharge is described as white or clear, usually without odor, and with consistency depending mostly on the time in your menstrual cycle. Although the amount varies from woman to woman, a woman’s vagina usually produces 2-3 grams of discharge every day.

But what if you have a thick yellow discharge that’s sticky and smells bad? Or even worse, what if the discharge is slightly greenish and causes your vulva to become itchy, sore and excessively red?

Forgotten Tampons: A Common Cause of Thick Yellow Discharge

Many women forgot to remove the last tampon at the end of a period, which begins to fester after a week or two. This, in turn, causes thick yellow mucus discharge that’s usually accompanied by a foul smell, although not necessarily by itchiness. If you have an old tampon in place, remove it as soon as possible. However, if the light yellow discharge continues, you should see your doctor immediately or visit a genitourinary medicine clinic.

Thick Vaginal Discharge During Pregnancy: Normal or Not?

The whitish vaginal discharge is absolutely normal during pregnancy, and most women report an increase in the amount that’s produced by the vagina. The greater blood flow to the vagina will boost estrogen production, causing a larger amount of discharge, which can be from white to light yellow and have no smell. The increase in discharge will continue until birth. A few weeks before your delivery date, the discharge will become thick and sticky, and will be produced in even greater amounts. Wearing panty liners may help prevent wetness on your clothes.
If you aren’t yet at 37 weeks and notice a sudden change in the color of your discharge while pregnant, call your doctor immediately.

White Yellow Vaginal Discharge Before Period: A Common PMS

A thick white vaginal discharge is a common premenstrual symptom that many teenage girls experience during the last few days of their menstrual cycle, just before their period begins. Usually, period-related vaginal mucus has no smell, and can range in color from white to light yellow. Moreover, an increase in discharge will be noticed before period, but this should not alarm you. Some girls also report a slight itchiness, redness and soreness of the labia, which go away once your period starts.

Thick Yellow Discharge and STDs

Thick yellow mucus discharge is oftentimes a symptom of sexually transmitted diseases, especially gonorrhea and trichomoniasis. The discharge usually has a foul, fishy smell, a cheese-like consistency, and a yellow or green color. Additional symptoms include itchiness, redness, soreness of the labia and vulva, as well as pain on intercourse, abdominal pain, and a sudden increase in discharge too. If you notice that your discharge turns from clear or whitish to yellow or greenish, make sure to consult your doctor immediately to determine the underlying cause.

If your vaginal discharge is abnormal, don’t make the mistake of not telling anyone about it just because it’s “embarrassing.” Treating the underlying cause is essential to ensuring that your vagina stays clean and healthy, preventing a host of undesired effects that may dramatically impact the quality of your life!