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Yellow Discharge


Yellow vaginal discharge no odor may not pose a major health threat if it occurs before or after period, or during pregnancy. On the other hand, if the underlying cause is a forgotten tampon, a sexually transmitted disease, bacterial vaginosis, or even cervical/vaginal cancer, yellow discharge no odor should be a reason of concern.
Keep reading to see when you should seek medical assistance if you’re experiencing yellow odorless vaginal discharge.

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Yellow Mucus Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge serves an important housekeeping function in the female reproductive system. Vaginal discharge is the fluid made by glands inside the vagina and cervix, which usually carries away bacteria and dead cells, keeping the vagina clean and preventing infections.

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Yellow Vaginal Discharge

Although mostly a gynecological complaint, vaginal discharge is an important part of the vagina’s self-cleansing system, helping flush out bacteria and ensuring that your vaginal environment always stays clean. While normal vaginal discharge is healthy and beneficial, many women report yellow vaginal discharge instead, which is oftentimes accompanied by a thick consistency, foul odor, itching, redness and swelling.

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Many women report an increasing amount of yellow discharge during pregnancy. While this may be a normal occurrence unless accompanied by itching, swelling, or a fishy smell, yellow discharge while pregnant should be brought to the attention of a specialist as soon as possible for further investigations.

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