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Brown Discharge Instead Of Period 7 Common Causes And Preventive Measures


– This imbalance can be experienced due to Polycystic Ovarian Diseases (PCOS), Ovarian Premature Failure and Endometriosis.

– Other reasons for hormonal dysfunction could be the use of birth control pills, hormonal contraception, Hyperprolactinemia etc.

3. Implantation Hemorrhaging

– After fertilization, the zygote and a fertilized ovum travel through the fallopian tubes up to the womb.

– The zygote becomes an enlarged embryo during this travel and burrows inside the uterine coating.

– This burrowing causes brown vaginal discharge instead of periods.

– This can be an early signal of pregnancy and is also called “implantation bleeding”.

– Implantation bleeding is different from a normal period since it is lighter and lasts for only up to 3 days.

– Implantation bleeding occurs nearly 6 to 12 days post fertilization and a week before your period is due.

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