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What Might Cause a Very Light Period?

Written by Elizabeth Buescher, Gynecologist

Period changes mean that something is happening in your body and you should pay attention. If my period is very light, I know that I must have an urgent visit to the doctor. This is usually not something normal, especially if the condition appears suddenly.

What Does a Very Light Period Mean?

What Does a Very Light Period Mean?

What Does a Very Light Period Mean?

A light period can appear in two ways: either the blood loss is scarce or the period is extremely and unusually short: only two or three days. If you experience a very short period, the menstrual bleeding is too light, or both, you need to find the reason soon because you might have a serious health problem. You need to visit a gynecologist and explain to the specialist your condition and when it appeared for the first time.

Could I Be Pregnant?

Yes, this is one of the possible reasons for having a light period. Your menstruation bleeding will change and become weaker after getting pregnant before it disappears completely.

The best thing to do is to consult a doctor, but if you want an immediate answer, buy and take a pregnancy test. However, whatever the result is, do not trust it completely. A pregnancy test could give you both a false positive and a false negative result. Pregnancy tests are used to measure the level of chorionic gonadotropin, which is called the “pregnancy hormone” which levels change during the day and depend on many factors, not only whether you are pregnant.

Even if you have a negative pregnancy test, this does not eliminate completely the opportunity to be pregnant.


Consult your doctor and you will receive a sure answer. Also, the specialist will check your health condition and will prescribe you therapy, if you have some medical problems.

Is It normal to Have Very Light Periods?

If you see that your period is much lighter than usual, have in mind that it is a normal condition only in the teenage years when your body is still developing and in the menopause. Then the body gradually loses its reproductive functions. If you are not a teenager or in the menopause age, you cannot consider your condition as normal and you should consult a doctor. Another case when it is also normal to have a weaker menstrual bleeding is during the first period after a miscarriage. If this is your case, remember that the regular visits to the doctor are important because you have already had one unsuccessful pregnancy and your health condition might be serious.

So, if you are asking yourself “Is it normal to have very light periods?” you should ask your female family members whether they also have light periods. However, there is a slight possibility that this is a normal condition and I advise you to consult a gynecologist. If after the examination it appears that you have not medical problems but your period is still light, you can be very happy.


This is a condition when the menstruation appears rarely than once in 35 days and the period is light. Be careful because this could be a symptom of Infertility. Also, this could be caused by stress, inflammation and other factors. This is a serious condition and it is essential to consult a specialist.

Medical Problems Causing a Light Period

There are some medical conditions which could cause a light period and which demand your quick reaction and a visit to the doctor.

Having a light period might be caused by:

  • Endometritis
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Blood problems
  • Inflammation
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and others.

Your doctor will tell you what tests must be made in order to evaluate your condition and cope with your problem. Follow the specialist’s advices strictly and your period will probably do back to its normal condition quickly.

Contraceptives Might Cause a Light Period

Many women, who are on a birth control therapy, experience changes in their menstrual bleeding. Usually, their period becomes lighter and shorter. Some women even prefer oral contraceptives exactly because they can make the bleeding weaker and the period shorter. However, do not ignore the advices of your gynecologist about what is the best contraception method for you. Never self-prescribe pills because they had a great effect on your female friend or relative. Your body is individual and your birth control therapy must be suitable for you. Only the doctor can tell you what contraceptives you should use. If you notice that your birth control therapy has a strong influence on your period, immediately advise the specialist who prescribed it or another doctor.

Not only pills, but all forms of birth control therapy, including the intrauterine devices (IUD) might and often affect the period. In some cases, the intrauterine spiral can even cause the menstruation to disappear entirely. If you notice such a condition, consult a doctor immediately because this is a really serious medical problem.

Other Disturbing Period Problems

If your period has not only become shorter or lighter but it is also combined with clots, with cramps or you notice spotting but no period for a long time or a pink discharge, do not ignore these problems. Take care of your health and visit a doctor. Changes in the period usually are not normal and pint that you have some problem which needs to be discovered and treated as soon as possible.

Stress and Poor Nutrition Might Ruin Your Life

Stress and strict diets are able to cause various health problems, including changes in the period. Your body needs a good sleep and healthy nutrition and cannot bear constant stress. So, if you want everything with your body to be normal, you need to change your way of living. Get more sleep, eat well, drink water and do enough exercises. If your organism lacks vitamins, exercise, moisture and rest, the negative result on your health will appear soon. Do not wait until you develop a serious medical condition but be sure that you take enough care for your body.