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Spotting After Sex: Should You Be Worried About Light Spotting After Sex?

1. You have experienced unexplained vaginal bleeding (this is different from spotting after sex).
2. You are discharging some amniotic fluid. This is a clear, watery fluid that surrounds and protects the baby in the womb.
3. Your cervix is opening prematurely (cervical incompetence).
4. You are carrying more than one child (twins or more).
5. You have a history of miscarriage.



Although spotting or bleeding is a warning of miscarriage, you shouldn’t immediately panic when this happens after sex.


What Does Spotting After Sex Mean?

It could either mean just abrasion wounds from the friction caused by sex. Or it could signal an impending miscarriage.

Could I Be Pregnant?

Some spotting after sex can also be due to implantation. This is when the fertilized egg or embryo is implanted onto your uterine wall. This has led to spotting after sex to be one of the signs of conception, but it does not guarantee that you have become pregnant. The best way to really know is only through a pregnancy test.

What Causes Spotting After Sex?

There are many possible reasons that spotting occurs after sex. During pregnancy there is increased blood supply in that area for the baby. The cervix also becomes softer. Consequently it is easy for the friction during sex to rupture the tiny blood vessels around the vagina and cervix, similar to scraping your knee. You may bleed a little from the abrasion and have spotting up to 2 days after sex as the wound heals. Then in stops, unless of course it is subjected to another rougher than normal round. In no manner will it affect the baby itself which is surrounded and protected by amniotic fluid far up in the uterus above the cervix.

Although it is not connected with sex, spotting can occur as you approach the due date when the mucus plug from the cervix is expelled. Unlike spotting during the early stages of pregnancy, miscarriage is unlikely to happen, and this only signals that the baby will be coming out soon. Having sex during this time may lead you to make the wrong assumption that the act has caused the bleeding.

If you are not pregnant, spotting after sex can occur right before your period. Having sex can actually make your period arrive earlier.

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