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Light Periods: Learn All Possible Causes

Menstruation is one of the hassles of being a woman. You could suffer from cramps that can become extremely painful. You tend to get really moody and irritable when it is near your period. Blood stains could ruin your favorite pair of pants. Flow could leak out of your pad at an inconvenient time. You could lose your tampon while it is inserted. You can’t swim without worrying about staining the water. You can’t have sex while you have it. (Well, you could, but it won’t be pretty.)

Light Periods

Light Periods: Learn All Possible Causes

It must be super to experience a sudden light or short menstrual period. Having a light or scanty period (hypomenorrhea) is not a problem in itself but it could point to a more serious condition.

Normal menstruation lasts for 3 to 7 days, and you will lose around 50 to 150 ml of blood, which is actually less than your regular tea cup. A light period would last around 2 days or less and you would only lose 30 to 50 ml of blood. Instead of a normal, watery red flow with clots, it could appear as brown streaks of drying blood or pink having the consistency of strawberry jam.

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