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First Period Symptoms: What Should You Know

Written by Elizabeth Buescher, Gynecologist

If you are between the ages of 11-15, you can expect to get your period for the first time during these years. You can begin having periods that are regular from the start, or you can have irregular periods for a few years until they normalize. Either way, you must have a lot of questions.

Symptoms of your First Period

Your first period may come as a surprise with the first day being that of spotting you hadn’t expected. The symptoms of getting your first period can be confusing. You may feel like you are getting a stomach ache and may feel nauseous. You may feel cramps that you have never felt before. It’s only when the bleeding starts that you realize you have just had your first menstrual period symptoms and that there was nothing physically wrong with you.

You will know when the symptoms of the first period are coming soon when you begin to feel cramping or bloating. These are signs that the period is coming soon, and that bleeding will start. You may have light spotting for a few days, or you may begin to have heavy bleeding right away. Every period is different, and you won’t know your pattern of bleeding for a few months or even years.

What are the symptoms of starting your period?

When it is your first period, you may not know what to expect. Your first period may be anovulatory, meaning you did not release an egg. This leads to heavier bleeding and cramping that lasts up to a week in duration. When these are the symptoms for your first period, you may feel like every period will be like this. But, when the periods become more regular and ovulatory, the periods will be lighter and more predictable.

What are symptoms of Starting a Period?

The symptoms a period is about to start vary from woman to woman. You may feel moodier than normal, or you may feel like your jeans are too tight because of bloating. Cramping is possible in the days before a period, but you may not have any symptoms of a period before your flow starts. This can be startling and can be embarrassing if you are not prepared to have your first period.

What are the symptoms of your first period?

Your first period is a big milestone in your life, and it happens when you least expect it. You may have no symptoms before you start to spot. Your first period might be very light so that you only have to wear a slight pad. The periods tend to become more regular and with a larger flow as time goes on. Your first period is unlikely to be very heavy nor will you be expected to have endometriosis at this time. The period may or may not be associated with cramping so you may think that all the fuss about getting your period was all for nothing.

What are the symptoms of your first period coming?

When you reach the age when your first period is likely to come, you may wonder what to expect. Be prepared with pads or tampons because you don’t know when this first period is going to arrive. If you feel any cramping or bloating, this could be a sign that your first period is coming. Eventually, your period will become more regular and predictable but the first time around, you won’t really know what the symptoms mean.