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Brown Discharge During Ovulation 6 Significant Implications


Brown Discharge During Ovulation – 6 Significant Implications

The appearance of tiny streaks of blood from the vaginal mucus while ovulating, is seen as a normal phenomenon. However, if this discharge appears at every ovulation cycle, it is vital that you see a doctor. Often, a regular rupture of the blood vessel could signify serious pathologies. These need to be corrected before getting pregnant. Here’s a list of significant implications of brown vaginal secretion.

1. Fragility Of Vessels

Often, fragility of vessels are caused due to the shortage of ascorbic and rutin acid. This will result in little bleeding during ovulation. Brown blood is also a result of deficiency of the unsaturated fatty acids or diseases of the body’s cardiovascular system. In a few serious cases, bleeding is caused as a direct result of the diseases of the liver. This will raise the cholesterol and blood level in the body and result in bleeding.

2. Vaginal Infection And Infection Of The Reproductive System

There are several women who experience a mild light brown spotting during their ovulation each month on a regular basis. If you are getting a light brown discharge in the ovulation period, do not be overly worried as it is a harmless condition. However, heavy dark brown discharge accompanied by other serious symptoms during ovulation, should be taken responsibly. Avoid making any assumptions regarding your condition. The best thing to do is to contact your gynecologist or a physician as soon as possible.

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