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Brown Discharge After Period Top 10 Causes


2. Delayed Period

Quite often, a delayed period could result in brown spotting after a menstruation cycle. This is caused by the shedding of the endometrial tissue lining of the uterus. This is a cleaning process of old blood and tissue out of the uterus. In most situations, there is nothing to worry about. However if the flow gets heavy and continues for several days, get it checked.

3. Implantation Bleeding

If you have noticed brown spotting 3 to 4 weeks after your last menstrual cycle, especially if you have recently indulged in unprotected sex or stopped taking birth control pills, it could signify implantation bleeding. This type of a spotting is an indication of an early sign of pregnancy.

4. Repeated Yeast Infection

The worst type of yeast infection is usually accompanied by pain, burning and irritation along with brown spotting. Few of the infections will also vary in color and smell. You will know that there is a sign of infection due to the foul odor accompanying the discharge.

5. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)

A pelvic inflammatory disease infection is a condition affecting the uterus, ovaries or fallopian tubes. Many girls develop PID due to a range of sexually transmitted diseases (STD) such as gonorrhea, vaginal warts, chlamydia, etc. Abnormally colored and foul-smelling discharge, spotting after periods, pain during sexual intercourse, tenderness and pain in the lower abdomen region, should be looked into by a physician.

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